What’s our story?

The Chaotic Draw Along livestream event: the BEST time of week. Brought to you on Twitch every Friday, CDA is a once a week creative challenge where, together with our band of wiley artists, we come together to forge ghouls, goblins, monsters and more!

Originally a small community drawing challenge, the Chaotic Draw Along has evolved rapidly into a massive online crew of creatives all over the world, passionate about creation, cheering each other on and celebrating growth in art.

As we get older, we’ve found that people play less, and the whimsy of creativity gets lost. Over this last year we've been able to reintroduce Art and Creativity to folks that haven't created in years, fly the flag up-and-comers looking to elevate their work, and celebrate with kiddos who just made their own Flying Rainbow Monster.

Consistently, though, people always asked for a way to keep the fun, momentum and challenge beyond the Friday event... so we came up with a solution.

The Chaotic Draw Along Prompt Deck is a double deck of 105 + 5 blank cards that have 3 themes -  Green (actions), Orange (subjects) and Red (cHaOs!). Each theme has 35 unique cards with 2 prompts per card, while some cards have optional chaos added for extra fun… 

With these cards you will get over 300,000* drawing prompt ideas that provide a great kick start when you just don’t know what to draw. Perfect for daily drawing practice, character creation and getting out of your comfort zone so you can push yourself, and your art, even further.

*we THINK - we’re artists, not mathematicians…

What’s more, grab some friends, a couple doodle books and watch the hilarity ensue with the CDA games. You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to play either. Can’t draw a stick figure? You’re perfect! 

Check out the main ideas in Get Creative (and on the rules card in the deck) or make up your own rules - you can do anything.

We’ve also painstakingly created the Doodle Books to be an easy, no fuss, no stress, solution for sketching your prompt ideas until you land on the perfect idea for your shiny Super Awesome Sketchbook!

We’re not stopping there either… We are already hard at work on the next prompt deck and some boosters to expand the set. The possibilities are endless.

Meet the A-Team