Enamel Pin: Reverse Mermaid

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One of the original Chaotic Draw Along characters from back when the CDA was just a twinkle in yer dad's eye.

One day an innocent mermaid was swimming along minding it's own business and *Poof* it was reversed. We don't know why, or how. But it did happen.. and now you can have proof - because without this lucious enamel pin how can you explain it?

And really.. LOOK AT THAT BUTT!! JUST LOOK AT IT!! You know you can't stop looking.
  • Size: 1.5" x 2".
  • Material: Hard enamel; black nickel.
  • Clasp: Black rubber.

How it works

Use the prompt cards as a creative tool to unlock your imagination and break free from art block, OR use the game modes to draw with friends and family.

Chaotic Draw Along deck box with some featured cards.